DÄV in between AI, AR, VR industry at GMASA 2017

Early this year, in 26th January 2017, DÄV was invited to speak in Global Mobile App Summit & Awards (GMASA) 2017 in Jakarta. GMASA is an annual summit with the vision to promote the potential of the mobile app industry in the country by presenting an agenda which includes: an exhibition, keynotes, panel discussions, networking sessions, workshops, and an Indie Pitch Fest. 

The event was held for the first time in Indonesia, knowing that the country is the third largest smartphone market user in South East Asia after China and India with 90% of its population using mobile devices to access the internet. Attended by more than 500 participants within the mobile ecosystem, such as experts from mobile industry, mobile enthusiasts, app developers, app marketers, decision makers, investors and journalists along with managers and executives, GMASA as the world’s biggest platform that brings together various stakeholders from mobile app and innovation industry around the globe, is committed to be a part of the fast growing ecosystem. 

In this event, DÄV’s CEO, Stephen Ng, was moderating a panel that discussed the Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in Mobile Apps together with George Siregar of Berkarya Indonesia, Irzan Raditya of, Ivan Chen of Anantarupa Studios, and Peter Shearer of AR&Co. According to the discussion from the panelist, Stephen made a conclusion that the future of AI, AR, VR has to be embraced altogether. Indonesia is still an early adaptor for these 3 areas in technology, different companies are exploring different things with their innovation. However in the future collaboration is indeed how we all should move forward and create greater impact.