What is DÄV ?

The leading intelligent media solution with interactive (A.I) technologies that enables businesses to engage their consumers uniquely, more targeted, with the ability to measure its performance.

Launched in Indonesia August 2015, DÄV, with its patented technology, has been partnering with top retailers in Indonesia, and serving global brands

These are some of DÄV’s portfolios in enabling augmented reality for products in retail spaces.

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Clients’ Testimonials

"Placement with DÄV has enabled different ways of educating our consumers in one of our growing channels. Through educative contents such as giving a quiz about our product and engagements involving taking selfies, we are able to increase our brand awareness to our targeted market. Great Job DÄV Team!"

Joris Bernard, Sales Director Sari Husada

"As a brand owner that continuosly seeks new innovation, I’m thrilled to work with DÄV and through their latest innovations, I was able to reach and understand my consumers in an engaging way. Looking forward to new innovations that DÄV team will bring to the digital landscape in Indonesia"

Raditya Beer - Brand Manager AXE

DÄV is worth to try, especially for introducing new products & increasing awareness of a brand. The usage is simple for consumers, with its unique shape and can call out consumers! It’s a new way to engage our consumers. DÄV also provides me with real-time information! Looking forward for more innovation from DÄV team!”


Adi Prabowo, Marketing Manager Consumer at Mundipharma

These are the everyday products that little DÄVs have brought to live:

Why DÄV?

At the age where we are living now it is becoming simpler than ever before to give out and disperse messages. Unfortunately, it is exactly because it is so easy to give them out that consumers become over-saturated with information from brands. As a result, these consumers now ignore or even actively reject new information. Which means that whereas it is getting easier to simply inform consumers, communicating with them has become more and more difficult because many, if not most, messages do not get through to the consumers.

Therefore, to help brands to get through their information to their intended audience, DÄV offers intelligent media solutions where brands are now able to create a continuous cycle of communication with their consumers by Improving the Message, Delivering the Message, and Measuring the Message.

1: Improving The Message

Augmented Reality Enabled

DÄV is the first and only media placement that is able to and actively utilizes Augmented Reality technology. DÄV is also protected with technology patents.

2: Delivering The Message

Product Proximity

DAV units can be adjusted to existing retail environment, from located nearby to product(s) that is at the rack shelving area or stand alone kiosk in high traffic locations.

2: Delivering The Message

Consumer Intimacy

DÄV creates intimacy between the products and their consumers through several methods. First of all, DAV "forces" the consumers to pick up the product, which in itself already create a sense of proprietorship of the product at hand and increases substantially the chance of purchase. Second, as consumer has to use the product packaging in order to enjoy the fun and exciting content of DÄV, it further creates a sense of attachment to the product. Lastly, DÄV allows brands to utilize DÄV’s content to connect consumers to brands’ social media channel.

3: Measuring The Message

Largest Data Sampling

Instead of using a limited sampling to generate the data, DÄV account and calculate each and all customer’s interaction per unit per location to provide a more complete picture to better understand the consumers of the products. With the enhancement of our AI algorithm, DAV is able to perform demography analysis such as gender, age, facial expression, and etc.

3: Measuring The Message

Up-To-Date Reporting

DÄV units measure and record each interaction in real-time and as such will be able to give up-to-date reporting. As brands and retail owners are able to receive important information faster than before, they can also now respond earlier.

Who is DÄV?

Coming from an alien world billion of light years away from our solar system, DÄV was powered by the only ever successful prototype of the "Dream Engine". Not only this engine gives life to DÄV, equipped with this pinnacle of technology, DÄV is able to harness the elusive and ethereal power of the "Dream Particles". Using this mysterious particles DÄV can create almost anything, being limited only by his own imagination. If he can dream it, he can make it.

DÄV was left stranded on earth by accident when he was trying to run away from the clutches of those who tried to use him for evil purposes. After receiving the kindness of a small family that was willing to take him in and cares for him DÄV decided to adopt earth as his new home.

On earth, DÄV gradually realizes that he can do amazing and wonderful things with his power. And so, DÄV, together with those DÄV trusts, keeps on dreaming more ways to inspire and engage humanity with endless wonders, possibilities, and opportunities.


DÄV has been implemented at various high-traffic places across Indonesia, where brands connect with their targeted audiences through interactive contents.

Meet our Retailer Partners

How does DÄV work?

Example of how DAV works in retail.

Example of how DÄV works in retail.

Where DÄV has been installed

The first little DÄVs sent touched down in Indonesia by the end of 2015. However, since then DÄV is sending more and more little copies of himself to different cities, islands, and countries

Invasion stats

Cities invaded so far : 14

Number of DÄVs : 4000



Crazy, incredible, awesome things are happening everyday to those who dare to dream crazy, incredible, awesome dreams


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